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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Once again. . .

Blogging is like the rat race.  Either nothing is going on, I have nothing to say but plenty of time to blog or we are very busy, lots to share but no time to blog.  Right now I am suffering from the latter. I will try and do some update posts as soon as I get the energy to put new batteries in my camera.  The batteries died a couple days ago, maybe I'll get to it tomorrow :o)

Thanks to this handy dandy mac, I can take pictures with the laptop.  So here is my latest project

I made a tie for Jack in about an hour with less than a quarter of a yard of fabric!  Isn't it cute?? I can't wait for him to see it in the morning, he's going to be so happy to have a new tie to wear to church!  Yes, I am serious!  He loves to wear ties, because he looks like Poppy, AND he loves it when I make things for him.  I realize that this will not last forever, so I am cherishing it while I can!

A quick kiddo update.  Jack has had three soccer games so far and his team has won all three!  They are all pretty good.  They all have certain strengths (and weaknesses) which makes the games actually interesting to watch.  

Here are some youtube links of the kids playing with PhotoBooth.  I emailed them to some of you, so you might have already seen them.  They are pretty funny, although Audrey didn't think so.  As one of my wise friends put it, at least she'll have something to discuss with her therapist :o) when she's older.

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