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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ice Cream Social.

Ayden's first ice cream.  

We didn't have quite enough chairs so grandpa and dad had the bed.

We even had a centerpiece.  Jack painted the dolphin when we visited my parents in Fl.
I finally have a garden!  Flowers here, and a hot pepper plant, rosemary and parsley. Yes, it's small now, but I am expecting this area to fill up with flowers within a month or so.  They are already growing quite a bit.

And vegetables here!  Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, basil,  green beans and thyme. This area, too, will grow like crazy.  I'm quite sure it will look like a jungle by the end of the summer, as long as a hurricane doesn't take it out.
Jack's baseball skills have really improved.  Here he was playing catch with Bryan, and was catching most of them.  His aim when throwing is also improving.

But as you can tell, he is still a little scared of the ball.  He actually caught the ball like that!

After one of his soccer games.  He insisted that Bryan be in the picture.  And of course, the diva insisted that she herself be included.

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