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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Undefeated Crawfish!

Can You See the Determination???

This is what happens when you come between Jack and the goal

I must say, we all enjoyed jack's first soccer season.  He was blessed to have 2 amazing coaches, who really helped all of the kids learn and improve their skills.  The kids were so cute, they named themselves the Crawfish, and the coaches were their "Crawdads."

At the beginning of the season, I was concerned that Jack was being a little lazy with his playing because he was always just on the fringes of all the action, but his coach came up to me one day and told me that Jack has great spacial awareness.  He knows just where to be.  He also told me this was an essential skill for a pilot; a skill that can't really be taught.  Wow!  What a compliment, Jack loves airplanes (his coach is a Coast Guard pilot--flies those orange rescue copters).


The coaches gave the kids a pep talk at their last practice, and explained that if they won their last game, they would be undefeated, BUT, for the first time, they would be missing a couple of their players.  The pep talk must have worked b/c, WOW, they were on fire!  Jack was so focused, he was on top of the ball, and aiming really good at the goal.  At one point, Jack was so focused, he literally ran another kid (on the other team) over!  They all did great, and won 5-0!

At the end of the game, the coach kneeled down with them for a congratulations pep talk.  It was so cute, he is really great with the kids.  I hope he is still on base next year, because I would love for him to coach Jack again.  It would also be nice to play with some of the same kids, they all became pretty good friends and Jack really looked forward to playing with them.

New Clothes for kiddos

We are attending a wedding next weekend.  Jack, Audrey, and Bryan are in the wedding so they are covered for clothes.  But Ayden and I had to come up with something.  I've seen lots of people making these cute bow ties, so I made a bow tie out of fabric left over from Jack's tie.  It is just a tube of fabric, pinched together with a smaller tube.  I sewed the bow tie onto the onesie.  I wanted a little more to his attire, so I played around with making it look like a tux with a ruffle of fabric down the middle, but it looked too girly.  I finally came up with these cool buttons.  I think he'll like it :o)

I've also seen people making these simple pinafore dresses for girls.  I just used one of Audie's dresses to make a pattern.  The front is one large piece. The back is two pieces that cross over each other.  The pattern for the back was made by making a copy of the front, and chopping off the outer edge under the shoulder.  If you want a good explanation, click here!

It is reversible, perfect for Little Miss Mess! I used a Robert Kauffman pink and brown toile for one side, and a coordinating brown and pink dot for the other.  This was sooo easy, I will definitely be making more of these.

Making Butter

Recently, I read a post on another blog on how to make butter.  I am slightly wacky, so this was right up my alley!  All I had to buy was a pint of heavy cream, and I ended up with some fresh butter AND butter milk.  It was really easy, and only took about 30 minutes.  And I learned something!  I never really understood why they called buttermilk buttermilk.  It is the milk that comes from making butter!  Now look at that, you all learned something new today.  If you want to make your own butter, just click on the "blog" link above.

The kids had fun making the butter, it was really neat to watch the cream go from a liquid, to a foam, and then all of a sudden, a solid.  Hmmm, mom might have had more fun than the kids, but I am wacky like that!

Next time, we will make the ice cream in a sandwich baggie.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blue Angels Air Show

A couple weeks ago, the base hosted an air show! I took the kids because both Jack and Audrey love airplanes.  When the F18s flew by really low, Audrey just laughed!  They even startle me when they do that!                                                                         

Future Coast Guard Pilot

Jack's soccer coach flies this helicopter.  He gave Jack a special tour of the helicopter and spent quite a while answering all of Jack's questions.  If you know Jack, you know he can TALK!!!!

I think this was a tank of some sort??  Audrey liked sitting on the seats and finding anything with a steering wheel.

Yes, he is talking this guy's ear off.  So many questions.  Can you see Jack's wheels turning?

Everyone loves a corsair.  Jack is in awe and Poppy wishes he worked on these instead of F18s.  (Yes, that's Bryan)

The Jet Bus.  This would have made my hour ride to school growing up much quicker!

Why yes, he is talking this guy's ear off too!  He spent about 15 minutes with this gentleman.  Earlier in the day, he even got to climb up in this plane and see the cockpit and ask questions there!

Driving. . . mom crazy!  :o)