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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Own Place to Play

Last week, Bryan and Hans built the kids a swing set. They did a great job, and Jack had a lot of fun helping. Audrey even got in on the action with Jack's hammer.
I just love the swing set! We found plans online and bought the supplies, and made it "from scratch." It is very sturdy. There is a tower with a slide coming down from it, a sandbox underneath, and a beam off the side with 2 swings, a baby swing, and a see-saw type swing, which the kids are using above.

The kids absolutely love it, they spend a lot of time out there every day. Ahh, an advantage of being in New Orleans- nice weather in November where you can play outside comfortably.

1 comment:

Ann Krohn said...

Audrey did a little more pounding than on the sandbox. She pounded the house and the fence. Congratulations Jack on your presentationa nd running so fast. Grandma Ann