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Saturday, April 23, 2011

40 Bags - Where I Ended Up

Seeing that tomorrow is Easter, I guess my clock has expired on my challenge.  So where did I end up?  I can tell you that I ended up with an organized and clean/clutter free home.  But I did not quite make it to 40  bags.  By my very rough calculations, I cleaned out 32 bags.  Much of this was estimated because I used various sized bags, boxes, and whatever else I could find.  The most recent area that I cleaned was Jack's room.  He and I cleared out some more toys and quite a few books.  We love books, but we go to the library every week so we don't need a plethora here.  Plus, Jack had so many books that you couldn't find the really good ones that the kids like to read.  I gathered up a box of books to take to the church yard sale. I also boxed up books that Jack has "grown out of" but Audrey and Ayden aren't ready for yet.  The easy readers and such.  I think Audrey has outgrown her need to tear books apart.  She went through a phase where she torn pages out of books. She even managed to tear apart some board books!!!

I also went back into the shed and threw out a garbage bag of old paint.  The only area that I have not reinvestigated is the attic.  Actually, I have never been in our attic, but Bryan told me that the previous owners left some stuff up there.  I would like to go through that stuff before the church yard sale in hopes of finding some good stuff for the church.

I hope that this has inspired some other people to declutter their lives.  I find that I can almost breathe easier with less stuff in our home.  I am going to stick to my rule that every time something new comes into the house, something old has to go out.  I am also vowing not to buy any new clothes for myself this year!  My difficulty with clearing out a mere 40 bags makes me wonder how people "live with less."  One of my friends blogged last year about "living with 100 things." Take a look around your home, can you imagine living with only 100 things???  I know that it could be done, but can you imagine???

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