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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I would like to say that I haven't posted anything to the blog in a week because we haven't done anything, but if you read my other post, you'd know that isn't exactly true.  I guess we just haven't done anything spectacular.  I have been crafting, feeding the kids, and trying to keep the house clean.  Besides Audrey's gifts, I also made 38 invitations for my sister's bridal shower.  I'll take a picture and upload that "soon" and I also made a curtain for a girlfriend.  I'll take a picture of it when I put it up in her home. 
 So what exciting things have the kids done?
Ayden found his thumb!
He, like his mom, loves the sun.  He was sitting in the garage, soaking up the sun and relaxing as I was pricing items for the garage sale.

Audrey acted the part of a true lady.  She has got to be the messiest eater!  I'm not quite sure what she was eating here.  I think it was yogurt. But this is how most meals end.  She smears the food everywhere--especially her hair!

This is her "mean face." She's quite the gangster.

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