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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Kids

Having a sister that works in retail has perks!  Becky sent these Ralph Lauren outfits.  This dress is just beautiful.  It is a basic dress, much like the dresses that I make, but the fabric is amazing!

Ayden smiles!

This is our new stroller.  This is a Baby Jogger City Select.  It is great!  The seats flip around and both recline all the way back.  The basket underneath is huge, and you can actually get things in and out of it! I bought it to make traveling to PA easier, plus it's getting too hot here already to "wear" Ayden in the sling.  And believe it or not, this stroller folds up so compactly, that it fits in the trunk of my cobalt, AND I am still able to fit groceries in the trunk!

Since Bryan is working nights, this is what the kids and I do in the morning.  It's great to get out and get a little exercise before it gets too hot.

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