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Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't Pray for Patience and Other Thoughts

It's just been one of those days.  On the whole, we had a great day, but with three kids I guess you are apt to have "moments."  Audrey threw her dinner on the floor and asserted her independence once or twice today.  Ayden was inconsolable more than once today.  And Jack is just six.  There are just times when he tests my patience.  My girlfriend told me today "never pray for patience because God will just keep testing it." I love that.  Well, I don't love that God pushes me to my limits, but I love that thought, and so true.  He only gives us what we can handle though (if we use Him for our strength).  So I was sitting here slightly seething and dreaming of driving down the road for a daiquiri.  I got into the car and was going to make a phone call but decided to listen to the radio instead.  I listen to K-Love, and I found myself refreshed and recharged just by signing for 20 minutes, and it wasn't the music that brought me out for a drive, but it ended up being my salvation.  Oh, and as a bonus I came home with an adult dessert :o)

Thoughts on discipline.  I know this is a sensitive subject, but I believe that there are times that children need to be disciplined.  A couple weeks ago, Jack was having an all out fit and I sat there praying for patience (seriously, I was) now I know that that was a mistake, see above.  But, to make a very long story (and fit) short, he drove me to my limit and I ended up reacting in a not so adult way.  I told my girlfriend about this (a different friend then above) and she told me that this happens to her occasionally and it tells her that she should have spanked her children earlier.  I have never thought about spanking in this light, but it really makes sense.  If I spank/discipline my children before the situation escalates, then I am much more controlled and rational and it keeps them from acting out for that extended period of time.  All is good now, BTW, and I apologized to Jack for acting the way I did.

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