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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This one doesn't really need words.  I just love his expression!

The first step in potty training. . . Don't fear the potty!  She has embraced this awesome folding potty.  Now to get her to use it. . .

Jack and his friends spent Monday and Tuesday playing in the sandbox.  They caught this little guy and made him a home.  I think they even caught spiders to feed him. 

This is Audrey's favorite toy.  She runs everywhere with it.  It's like she's an old woman with a walker. . . on speed :o)  She chases Jack around with it and comes out of her bedroom every morning with it.

We are still getting gifts for Ayden from friends and family.  He received this romper and pink hippo from my sister today and the bunny rabbit with his name embroidered on the ear from a friend today.  He is starting to smile, but of course I can't catch that on film!  He also rolled over today from his belly to his back twice!  Good news. . . he's growing up!  Bad news. . . I can't just sit him somewhere and expect him to be there when I get back.

I also have pictures of Jack dying eggs with his friends, but they are on my other camera.  And I have a youtube video of Jack and Audie that is uploading.  Hopefully it will be done uploading tomorrow and I can add that link.  Right now it is late and I need to hit the sack!

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