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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Quiet Week

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  We haven't done much as the kids (and I) can't go full steam all the time.  Well, we did go to the zoo for about an hour and a half on Tuesday.  We couldn't stay long, as I had to go grocery shopping and was hosting dinner and a board meeting.  On Wednesday, we had a play date at a girl friend's house.  She has this amazing place down on the bayou.  I should have taken pictures, with all the rain she literally is living in the swamp!  Then she and her kids came over today and played at the playground and rode bikes in our neighborhood.

What's that you say???  That's not down time?  Oh, well then, I'm not quite sure what down time is!

Jack has really needed the quiet time.  He has been very weepy and emotional lately.  I am hoping that the quiet time helps with this.  We've even made "school" easier.  I've taken a break from the regimented curriculum and have allowed him to pick and choose worksheets to complete.  I've been making sure that he is covering areas that he needs a little work on, but overall he has covered about 97% of the first grade curriculum.

And what have I been doing this week?  I have been making invitations for my sister's bridal shower and I cleaned out the pantry.  Cleaning out the pantry added one more bag to my 40 bag challenge.  I now have 23 bags.  Now this has really become a challenge.  How do you really get rid of 40 bags???  I feel like I have purged my house and am now searching for things that I don't need.  Ok, that would be easy because I don't NEED much of this stuff.  I am now searching for things I am willing to give up.

Anyone out there want to help me out?  What would you give up?  Do you think you could get 40 bags?  40 bags is much more than I initially anticipated.  I thought this would be easy!

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