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Sunday, April 3, 2011

26 Bags Lighter

It is hard for me to take pictures that show how decluttered the house has become, but here is our bedroom, which functions as an office, homeschool central, and nursery in addition to our bedroom.
Our "office" and nursery

I have two drawers in this dresser, Bryan has one.  The top is the home to all of our homeschool supplies.  The rocking chair is a family heirloom and is the most comfortable chair in the world.  Unfortunately, the boards in the seat have separated and I am afraid to fix it myself.  Anyone know how to fix an antique???  This wall was covered with yard sale and donation bags!   
My dresser and Homeschool Central

My side of the closet
This is about a third of the closet.  Bryan has the rest of the closet.  The shelf above my clothes is even empty!!  All of my shoes are in a shoe bag on the closet door.

 And the pantry!  I have spent about 3 days on this little space!  I kept moving things around as I found other things to put in or take out of the pantry.  Why do we have gallon jugs?  Because we live in a hurricane prone area.  This way we can bottle our own water when we get a storm warning.  If we lose power or we at least have water.
A relatively clean kitchen with just the right amount of stuff on the counters!

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