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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden update

Yesterday, we started eating out of the garden.  It wasn't much, but we ate!!!  These are my bean plants.  We harvested 2 beans yesterday :o)

As you can see, the cucumber plant is filled with flowers.  We have a couple cucumbers growing already.
Cherry tomatoes.  Bryan and I each ate a tomato.  They were warm, sweet, and oh so juicy.  I can't wait for more to rippen!

Jack was so excited to eat a carrot. 

Audrey lucked out with a pretty large carrot.  Aren't they beautiful?

Creole tomato is turning orange.  That is going to make a yummy blt (at least that is what Jack is looking forward to).  We should be able to use that lettuce in the lower garden.  The mound of dirt is the potatoes.  And that huge bush of marigolds grew from three tiny seeds.  God is amazing isn't He?

Audrey enjoying her carrot.

1 comment:

Michelle DuPuis said...

It takes me all summer to grow carrots, and then they're only about an inch long! So jealous. ;-)