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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What is on the menu this week?

It is late and I am tired.  Maybe I will come back tomorrow and fix this.  We'll see. 
This week I included a traditional German meal for my German husband: rouladen.  Rouladen is basically a little beef roll-up.  It is a very thin piece of top round with onions, pickles, and bacon rolled inside.  The rolls are cooked in a sauce of carrots, onions, and tomatoes.  I will post a recipe for it later.
I will also be making cheese ravioli in a mushroom ragout.  This is a crockpot meal and it is vegetarian.
As for my healthy meals, I will be making Greek Turkey Meatballs, served with a greek salad (hopefully I will have enough garden tomatoes for it), Chicken Piccata, served with rice and steamed broccoli, and Bangin Good Shrimp, served with rice.

We are off to pick strawberries tomorrow!  So hopefully I will have some cute pictures and lots of yummy strawberries.  I am hoping to make strawberry preserves.

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