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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cookie Week

The kids and I started making Christmas cookies today. I was inspired by the Pioneer Woman's cookie week, to try some new recipes. And of course, I took the opportunity to tie the cookies in with Jack's Elf on the Shelf/ Advent activity. So this morning, he found Tan holding the advent ornament and a piece of paper awarding him with the honor of baking cookies with mom today. Once again, he was sooo excited.

We started our day super early, and had to be at the doctor's at 8:30 for my monthly checkup and glucose tolerance test. Oh, and surprise of the week--I only gained 2 lbs last month! I feel huge, I guess the weight just redistributed itself. I don't think I'm going to get away with that again, especially if this cookie business persists!

When we came home, we played a little, had lunch and Audie took a nap and Jack and I did school. After his lessons, we started on the cookies. He learned how to juice a lemon and to separate eggs, plus his normal job of dumping stuff into the mixer. Of course, he only lasted for one batch of cookies, coming back just to "clean up."

Funny how Audrey's senses work, because she woke up just in time to help with clean up too!

By the end of the day (9 pm), I made three batches of cookies AND cleaned up the kitchen. I really wish I had a self-cleaning kitchen. All of the cookies are really good and I recommend all three recipes. Even my non-sweets obsessed husband is finding them irresistable. Click on the name of the cookie to link to the recipe if you are interested: Christmas Cherries, Molasses Cookies, and Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies!

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