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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ayden's Baptism

Ayden was baptized this morning.  It was just our nuclear family, but the church made it extra special (probably because it was so unexpected).  Ayden wore my brother's baptism outfit and the same little hankie hat that Jack and Audrey wore.  The candle that we used was Bryan's candle.  We also used the candle for Audrey.  The bib that he has on in this picture was a gift from one of the ladies in church.  It it embroidered with the fleur de lis and his name.

 My lovely posture in this picture does nothing with this gorgeous dress that my sister gave me.  Audrey is getting heavy!

 Pastor just loves the kids, he is amazing with them.  He has three little ones of his own.  His blessings during communion are so much fun to watch because they are completely personalized and from the heart.

So many generous people brought refreshments for after the service, including this beautiful and delicious cake.  The woman that made this cake has 4 children of her own and she works a crazy schedule as a nurse!

Let me finish this post with a picture of my shoes.  These shoes are sooo my sister, so they went perfectly with the dress.  They are black patent leather peep toe, platform heels.  They are the tallest shoes I have ever worn, at 4 inches.  Oh, and I didn't kill myself today.  For killer shoes, they aren't too painful, but I did take them off after church!  It's weird to look my husband in the eye. . .

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