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Friday, March 25, 2011

How We Roll

Living in Louisiana, you really don't want to send the kids out to play bare footed.  We have friends that live on the bayou, so the kids needed boots to be really protected.  Trouble is, it is pretty much impossible to find boots for toddlers in stores.  I found these boots on amazon, and they are sooo cute!  Sorry the picture is kind of far away, Bryan was wielding the camera.

This week was "Living Literature" again with the homeschool group.  The kids pick a book to read, and then prepare a 2 minute speech about a character or scene from that book.  They are also encouraged to dress up and bring a snack that fits the theme of their book.  Jack read The Magic Tree House, Day of the Dragon King.  It is about the first emperor of China.  His hat is supposed to be a straw hat.  Our snack was birds nest cookies made with chinese noodles.

And to end this rolling post, here is a picture of our gorgeous little lady.  We had chili for dinner tonight, and goodness did she love it!!!!  The only thing she loved better than the chili was the toppings.  When she finished her chili, she was eating just heaps of cheese and sour cream.  Ohhh, pictures to save to show her boyfriends!

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