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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Older Find

Sometime in late December, the kids and I went orange picking with Spencer and his parents, Cristi and Freddi.  Freddi's sister has a large grove of citrus, just below the base. We had a lot of fun and picked enough oranges and grapefruit to literally fill my trunk!  And my oh my, the grapefruit were the best I've EVER had!!!  I have been dreaming of those grapefruit ever since.  They also have a pecan tree, and I got a large grocery bag full of pecans!  I thought I had developed an allergy to pecans (I am allergic to walnuts), but I can eat these without any problems.  Evidently, my walnut allergy has worsened and I can't eat nuts that have been processed on equipment where walnuts have been processed.  Sorry, you probably are here to hear about the kids, not my weird ailments.

Audrey and Cristi

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