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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jack Learns to Ride a Bike!

It has been a long, arduous process, but Jack has finally learned how to ride a bike! Bryan has spent many weekends building Jack's skills, and this weekend, Jack mastered starting on his own!  He is even doing pretty good steering, and can go in a circle and do u turns. 

He is still a little hesitant, but it was so great to see the looks of satisfaction and triumph on his face!  He even rode his bike across the street to ride back and forth on the sidewalk with one of the neighbor girls.  

Now, I guess we just practice, practice, practice.

We learned one big lesson-- don't let your kids ride bikes with training wheels! It teaches them to steer the bike wrong.  Instead, take the pedals off the bike and let them push it with their feet.

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