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Sunday, March 13, 2011

40 Bags Update

I have been very productive this week with my purge.  I am not sure how many bags I have so far, since a lot of the stuff is in piles or boxes instead of bags.  But here are my two piles as of this morning.  The garage pile has actually grown by about 4 bags.  I went through all of the clothes that I kept from Jack and got rid of clothes that weren't my favorites.  We still have more than enough for Ayden. . . when he eventually grows into the larger sizes.  That seems like it's ages away, but I know that I will open my eyes here in a "couple" days and wonder where my baby went.

Here is what I estimate to have so far. . . 3 bags from my master closet, 1 bag of books and movies, 1 bag of kids toys, 1 bag of slipcovers, 1 bag of maternity clothes (1 other bag ready to go to my sister WHEN she gets pregnant), 1 bag of Christmas decorations, 4 bags of kids clothes, roughly 1 bag of trash, and a vacuum.  That would be 15 bags!  My house is feeling so nice and clean!  This is addicting.  Bryan better be careful, I might accidently purge him :o)

And speaking of Ayden, he lost his stub this week! His belly button looks like the mouth of a thingamajig.  As you can see, he is also wearing the rumparooz now. They fit great and really aren't bulky.

 She hated this seat as a baby! Now she loves it. She bounces in it and lays in it and says bye bye, night night!

For some reason, she loves this onesie.  It is a 0-3 month, and she pulls it out of Ayden's drawer whenever she can.  I can even get it snapped, but it is quite stretched when it is snapped.

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