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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Audrey's Moments

I decided to upload a couple videos to You Tube.  Bryan works out at home quite a bit.  When he does, the kids both like to work out with him.  Here is a video of Audrey working out with Bryan.  I also have a video of Jack and Audrey working out with him, but it is pretty dark so the quality isn't very good.

Audrey has also taken a keen interest in music.  She loves to sing and dance.  Here is a video of Audrey dancing to the Imagination Movers.  She was dancing through their whole concert.  This is a hawaiian song, she is attempting to hula with them.  At the end, she gives Ayden some love, and says "gentle, gentle."  She also sings in church, and it is quite funny, because she definitely makes a joyful noise to the Lord.  I am sure he and all the angels can hear her clearly!

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