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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tackling Clutter- Mail and Entryway Stuff

Please ignore the bag of party stuff under the shelf.  Those are supplies for the kids' birthday party and I don't know where else to put them.

Does anyone else feel like their lives are consumed by junk mail?  I don't think there is anything else that drives me so crazy.  I also have a tendency to lose things like my keys and sunglasses (a must here in southern Louisiana). To address these two issues, I asked my dear husband to mount these things in the garage.  This is a corner of the garage, right next to the door to enter the house.

The white board and key shelf were in the house previously, but they are really not pretty items that I want to look at every day.  I keep stamps and return address labels on the board.  On the shelf, I have a small bowl that we keep change and other things you might empty out of your pockets.  The large shelf is just a scrap piece of plywood.  It is screwed into two cleats (also scrap lumber).  On the shelf, which I will use like a desk, is my address book, blank envelopes, my shredder, and a container full of pens and pencils.  Underneath the shelf, I have a plastic tote that can also function as another shelf space (I usually keep my purse on it), a garbage can, and an umbrella bucket.  There is also space for shoes, so I can take them off before I enter the house.

So now junk mail never even enters the house, I *should* always be able to find my keys, purse, and sunglasses, and best of all--the project cost $0!!!  I hope this helps other people trying to conquer junk mail clutter.

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