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Monday, March 19, 2012

Quick update


So I set some goals for myself this year and for lent.  Among them,  I decided that I would sew consistently and stop yelling.  Here are some pictures of my latest sewing projects. 

I made these two pillows.  The flowered pillow is shaped like a stop sign and has super soft fabric on the back.  The checkered pillow has a flap opening in the back so I can easily take the pillow form out and wash the cover.  Up top, I have a three tiered ruffled valence.  It took a lot of fabric to make, but it was really easy.

For the kitchen, I sewed up another three tiered ruffle valence, but i used all three colors.  Once again, a super simple  curtain that uses quite a bit of fabric.  Bryan also put these pretty white shelves up for me.  There are two of them.  The other shelf is a little bit higher than this one.

I also made two of each of these pillows.  The floral pillow has a flap opening in the back.  The blue and green pillow has an invisible zipper on the bottom.  My next home sewing project is to make slip covers for the couch.  Call me crazy, but I will be slip covering them in white.  Yes, white.  Yes, I have children.  Yes, they are messy.  No, you are not going to convince me to use a different color.  Don't even try.  They will look awesome, and I will buy stock in bleach.

And finally, a note about my Lent resolution.  If you missed it before, I have decided to give up yelling for Lent.  The whole point of giving something up (for me) is to rely on God for strength.  And there is nothing that requires more help from God, than holding my temper.  It's funny, I actually know a couple other moms that have given up yelling for Lent too.  So far, I have succeeded! Life has been so much more peaceful, and school with Jack has been much more enjoyable.  If you find yourself yelling a bit too much too, I really suggest committing to no yelling for a week.  

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