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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blue Angels Air Show

A couple weeks ago, the base hosted an air show! I took the kids because both Jack and Audrey love airplanes.  When the F18s flew by really low, Audrey just laughed!  They even startle me when they do that!                                                                         

Future Coast Guard Pilot

Jack's soccer coach flies this helicopter.  He gave Jack a special tour of the helicopter and spent quite a while answering all of Jack's questions.  If you know Jack, you know he can TALK!!!!

I think this was a tank of some sort??  Audrey liked sitting on the seats and finding anything with a steering wheel.

Yes, he is talking this guy's ear off.  So many questions.  Can you see Jack's wheels turning?

Everyone loves a corsair.  Jack is in awe and Poppy wishes he worked on these instead of F18s.  (Yes, that's Bryan)

The Jet Bus.  This would have made my hour ride to school growing up much quicker!

Why yes, he is talking this guy's ear off too!  He spent about 15 minutes with this gentleman.  Earlier in the day, he even got to climb up in this plane and see the cockpit and ask questions there!

Driving. . . mom crazy!  :o)

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