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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Before and After

Before: Men's Large T-Shirt.  Jack wanted a River Rattler shirt.  They only had men's large.  I said that wasn't a problem.  All the men thought I was/am crazy.  They thought a medium would be better, but I said it didn't matter since either one would have to be cut down.

As soon as we got home, I butchered the poor shirt.
I cut it open at the sides from the bottom hem up to the arm pits. Then I cut the sleeves off.
Then I folded the shirt in half and laid one of Jack's shirts (also in half) on top of it so that I could cut the body of the shirt to Jack's size.
Lastly, I sewed the sleeves back on, sewed up the sides, and hemmed the bottom.

Yes, he looks a little goofy.  He had his jammies on, and I just had him pull them down so that he could try on his new shirt.

I even managed to keep the logos!  And best of all, Jack loves it!  If anyone cares, I could do a picture tutorial if you want to alter clothing of your own.  It's quick, easy, and made me happy because I accomplished something!

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