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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Busy Weekend

This is a little late, but I thought I'd blog about this past weekend. My girlfriend from high school came to visit with her daughter and husband. The boys left us and went to Alabama for a Penn State football game while Becky and I stayed in New Orleans with the kids. We had a great time. Becky and I met some of my other friends for mom's-night-out at this great Thai restaurant on Friday night. On Saturday, Becky and I took the kids to the French Quarter. It was super hot, but we had fun.

The best part of the weekend was watching the girls interact. Audrey is 4 months older than Elizabeth and Audrey is a little bruiser. She kept wanting to hug Elizabeth, and usually knocker her down in the process. Jack also had fun loving up the girls.
Somehow, I didn't get a picture of us girls together, but I do have a picture of our husbands with the kids.
Right now, my sister is here visiting, so I will be posting more fun stuff in the next day or so.

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