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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home schoolers DO get out!

This morning, we had the opportunity to see a play with our Home Schooling Group. It was called "Petite Rouge." It was so much more than I ever expected! It was held in a theater in this tiny town (Westwego) next to our town. There were only 6 actors, they had amazing costumes, and they sang, dance and acted great! The kids totally loved it. This was a cajun version of Little Red Riding Hood. "Rouge" was a duck who lived in the bayou. The big bad wolf was, of course, an alligator. As I said, the music was great, and it was loaded with music. Audrey loved it! She danced, sang, and laughed the ENTIRE time. I wish I would have video taped it to share with you all. She really is a joy. Oh, yes, and Jack loved it too; although he was a little more subdued than Audrey, but he too, loved it.

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