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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Crazy Kids

So Audrey has a new talent. She climbs Jack's ladder to his bunk bed!!! I don't know what she's trying to do to me, but given the looks on her face she definitely enjoys it. I can't turn my back on her. I walked into Jack's room yesterday and told her she was going to get hurt. Two seconds later, her foot slipped and she fell. She cried and cried, and then two minutes later was back on the ladder! Once she is up there (don't worry, I am by her side nearly touching her the entire time), she has a ball! She and Jack just think this is the best place to play.

If any of you know anything about me, you probably know how much I love to cook (not necessarily bake). Jack has picked this up from me and every once in a while, I loosen up enough to let him help me. This is a big step for me, given that I don't even really allow my husband to cook with me. And when he does cook, I have to leave the room so I don't "tell him how to do it right." :o) Jack has this wonderful kids cookbook (Disney's the Magic Kitchen Cook Book) that he likes to page through like it's the Sears Wish Book. He keeps telling me that he wants to make things and half the time we are missing at least one key ingredient. So this week, I was a good mom, and told him that he could choose two recipes to make this week and we'd buy the ingredients. Tonight he made the "Fiesta Taco Pizzas" with a little bit of help from me. He was so proud of his dinner and it was delicious!

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