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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Party Fun

Today, the kids and I went to a paint-your-own-pottery birthday party. Jack had tons of fun. He chose a motercycle to paint. It has to go in the kiln to be fired, and then we will get it back. I will update with pictures when we get it back. Audrey also got to paint. She and I smeared some colors on a tile and then she put her hand print on the tile. She wasn't too keen on painting, but she had fun eating pizza and running around. They had a small area like build-a-bear, so she and the other little ones kept going up there and picking up stuffed animals to carry around.

I adorned the gift that we brought for the birthday girl (the pastor's 5 year old daughter) with a homemade bow. This was my first attempt at a bow, I was surprised how easily it came together. I am looking forward to making more bows!

I am also including a picture of Jack with one of his new friends, Seth. There are two boys that Jack gets along with great a church (this is one of them). I believe Seth is 9 or 10, but he is such a nice boy that you would never know there is an age difference between the two. It probably helps that Jack is pretty mature for his age also. Behind Audrey is Jacob, Jack's other friend. Jacob is the same age as Seth, and is great with both Jack and Audrey.

And one last picture for today. After we got home, I went to look in on Audrey, quietly playing in her room by herself. She was so cute, just pulling books off her bookshelf and "reading" books to herself.

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