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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun Find!

Today, I entered a giveaway at for the Essential kit from
Out of curiosity, I checked out Oh So Sassy's page. They sell kits which include a pattern, all the fabric and supplies for around $20 for each individual pattern. You can also buy just the patterns for $10. That's a pretty good price, but I am still feeling a little spoiled at catching the 99 cent McCalls sale.
BUT the cool thing I saw on Oh So Sassy's page, was an option to buy supplies to have a sewing party. How much fun would that be!!!!! It's not one of those cheesy, sales things. You just get 10 friends together who like to sew (I don't think I even have that many friends, but some of you may :o) and then you have a party and sew together.
Maybe I'm a little crazy, but that sounds that a ton of fun to me!

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