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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Busy Weekend

We have had quite a nice weekend. It was warm, but not that bad and we have had just enough activity. On Friday, the kids and I went to Chuck E Cheese for a playgroup meetup. I have never been to a Chuck E Cheese, and I wasn't really looking forward to it, but it was a good way for Jack to play with some of the new friends he has made in the area. It wasn't that bad, and it only cost me $30--goodness that place is a money trap! This was definitely a splurge. But Jack had a blast playing games and hanging out with kids his own age and

Audrey had fun playing with anything with a steering wheel.

For dinner, I didn't feel like messing with much, so I made chicken noodle soup with home made noodles and a salad. They really made the dish! And they were sooo easy to make (without a pasta machine).

On Saturday, we took our first trip to Baton Rouge for a hot air balloon festival. It was pretty interesting. It was free to get in and the parking was free! There was a kid's area with all sorts of free activities (we're really making up for Chuck E Cheese).

They had two inflatable water slides-which Jack loved!!! Hmmm, how lovely. Dirt + Water + Kids = Muddy Mess They also had pony rides (which I wouldn't allow our wet muddy child to do) and a traveling zoo. This was the cutest--they had a pig, a goat, a calf, and all of these exotic, beautiful fowl. They also had 3 day old chicks, baby bunnies, and baby ducklings all for the kids to hold. After the kids area, we got something to eat and drink, and then we watched the army demonstrate parachute jumps and watched the hot air balloons inflate and listened to live bands play great music.

(I have this great video of Audrey dancing but I took it with the phone and can't save it to the computer. Grrrrr!!! It's so cute, there was a fire truck honking behind us and she stops dancing every time it honked it's horn and then starts dancing again.)
Well, here is a video of Jack at Chuck E Cheese.

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