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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Tomorrow, we will be exchanging valentine's with our homeschool friends.  Every year, I have all good intentions to make something cute, and every year I run out of time.  Well, this year is different!!  I saw a cute valentine card using cookies.  Unfortunately, I can't remember which site I saw this on.  I can tell you that the cookie recipe came from "I am Momma - Hear Me Roar."

First of all, these cookies are amazing!  They are buttery and not too sweet.  I rolled them out pretty thin and cooked them a little longer than recommended because I like a crispy cookie.  I am sure they would be soft if you rolled them thicker and cooked them less.  Also, I am not one to add icing to my cookies, but hey, it's Valentine's Day!

To make the cards, I cute 7 inch squares of paper, and folded the corners in to make an enclosed square.  I also have 12 x 1 inch strips and hearts that I cut out of my scraps.  I used raised tape dots to hold it all together. Cutting and folding all of the pieces was a little tedious, but putting it all together is quick.

I put the cookie in a baggie, which I put in the square; wrap the 12 inch strip around the square and adhere with a tape dot; and adhere the heart onto the strip with another tape dot.

Annnnd, funny side story.  As I am putting the cards together, I hear audrey yelling to help her wash her hands.  And this is what I find. . .

That is green food coloring.  It is everywhere.  She is soaking in the bath tub right now.  Most of it is off, but I think she is going to be slightly tinted for a couple days.

Food coloring can't taste good!  She even has it in her molars. . .  This child keeps me on my toes.

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I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Hey Stephanie! I'm so glad they turned out well and that you liked them! I could eat about ten of them a day, though thankfully I practice a little more self restraint than that :) Happy Valentine's day!