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Monday, November 14, 2011

Field Trips and Homeschool Group Experiences

 Every month, we have an evening homeschool meeting.  There is usually an educational activity or public speaking activity planned for the kids.  During the October meeting, the kids did a Pumpkin Science activity.  They each brought a pumpkin so that they could predict the number of seeds in their pumpkin, count the seeds, examine the size of the seeds, compare the size and number of seeds in larger pumpkins vs smaller pumpkins.  They also learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin.

 Next, the Audubon Association's Aquavan came to our weekly PE class and did a presentation on wetlands.  The kids learned about turtles, snakes, spiders and insects.  They even get to touch some of the animals.  I like these activities because it teaches Jack to raise his hand.

Our most recent field trip was to the park down the street from our home.  This was a nice follow up to the aquavan presentation on wetlands.  Jack learned how to dipnet.  They worked with a ranger to identify common swamp insects.

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