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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Bad Blogger

So, I refused to join Facebook for the longest time.  Something within me cracked when my mother left me and went to Canada. I reluctantly joined Facebook, and my blog has definitely suffered for it.  The ease of quickly uploading a quick picture has made me have even less urgency in updating my blog.  And I know that many of you don't use Facebook, so you have had no updates from me.  Facebook is less personal too.  You get just quick glimpses into our events, and if you have a gazillion friends, you probably won't even see my quick pictures, as they get buried in your newsfeed.  I like my blog.  I like rambling on and on; keeping a journal of sorts.  I sometimes imagine I am witty like the Pioneer Woman.  :o)  So, once again, I am vowing to keep my blog going.  If you haven't noticed already, you can subscribe to my blog updates.  This means that you will get an email when I update, so you don't have to randomly check the blog to see if I have posted anything.

Thanks for following our adventures!

Riding in a friend's John Deere
 Jack and Audrey had a blast in this little tractor, I think it was a little gator.  Man this thing really went fast for a kids toy, and it went up and down rough terrain.  I love having friends with different toys for their kids--we don't have to find the space to keep it!  We just have play dates and take over their toys.
Big Boy- First time in a cart
 Another friend offered to watch Audrey and Jack for me for a couple hours so I could have some "quiet time" (aka- time to clean the house without them destroying it in 2 seconds).  My end of the deal was to go to Walgreen's and buy her toilet paper and hairspray.  This was the first time I went to the store without Audrey, so Ayden got to sit in the cart instead of the wrap.  He had soo much fun.  He was laughing the whole time.  He is 8 1/2 months old now.

Such Fashion Sense!
If you could only see the rest of this get-up.  She chooses her own clothes most days and will have a down right fit if you choose something she doesn't like.  She is wearing a cloth diaper and a pair of costume thigh highs.  What you can't see, is that she is also wearing Jack's camo slippers.

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