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Monday, October 25, 2010

Busyness Part 2

That other post was getting long, so I decided to split it in two. Here is where we've been for the last 3 days.
On Friday, the kids and I went on a field trip to Oak Alley Plantation. It was really nice, and Jack got to learn a little Louisiana history. Later that evening, Jack went to Boo at the Zoo with his friend Spencer. He had a lot of fun because he got to wear his costume, play games, and get candy. Hopefully Cristi (Spencer's mom) will send me some pictures electronically so that I can upload them.
On Saturday, we went to Lowes for a Build and Grow workshop. Jack made a flapping bat. Then the four of us went to Sesame Street Live. We were in the second row, and both kids loved it!

On Sunday, we all went to a Halloween picnic with our friends from the playgroup. Once again, Jack got to wear his costume (Audrey wouldn't wear hers). Since it was warm and the kids were playing, he only wore part of the costume. Audrey had fun playing with the boys in the sand. She looked like a little man with a beard and mustache. I guess that was her costume.

Today was life back to normal. Bryan went to work, the kids and I went to story time at the library, and then we did school. Both kids really like story time. They get to play with other kids, pick out some new books, listen to stories, sing, and do a craft. Audrey even wanted to do the craft this week, but of course I had to do it for her.

Jack's reading improves so much every day, it is amazing to watch. He is reading some difficult words with ease. If anyone is familiar with kids books, he is reading the level two books now. Sometimes it is annoying that he can read. He reads every street sign when we drive, telling us we can't enter when he sees a "Do Not Enter" sign and so forth. His math skills are improving. He is working on addition and subtraction and can count to 100 by ones and tens.

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Linda said...

It never ceases to amaze me that anyone who doesn't homeschool could ever ask the question, "How do you know they are learning?"
We KNOW because we see their brains expand daily!! Sounds like you had a busy week!
Happy Homeschooling...
Homeschooling 1 child, for 3+ years with