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Monday, October 25, 2010

Why, yes, we are still alive

I am so far behind on blogging, that I am not sure where to start. Needless to say, we have been busy. I have been crafting, giving Bryan honey-do lists, and finding all sorts of places to take the family.

A month or so ago, Jack picked out a pattern and fabric for his costume, which he calls a ninja. I made it and it turned out great! I also made reversible trick-or-treat bags for the kids. I am also using the bags for our trips to the library and church.

Then, I made a book sling for Jack's books. (I will upload a picture of that later) He is so obsessed with books, that he ends up with tons of books in his bed, so hopefully he will put the books in the book sling now instead of sleeping on them.

My most recent project is a quilt for the new baby. I created the pattern myself and backed it with chenille. It is so soft--I need to make one for us to use now. Next, I will be making a diaper bag. I can never find one that I really like, so I am going to create one that hopefully has everything that I need.
I have also kept Bryan busy. The color of our bathroom was driving me crazy. It was a flat finish, slightly dull yellow/orange. I also didn't really like the huge 8ft by 4ft plate glass mirror. Besides, if we were going to paint, we might as well do the whole project! I budgeted $500 for the project, for paint, mirrors and new light fixtures. After our trip to Lowes, we spent $300. We unscrewed the mirror only to find out it had been glued to the wall. Long story short, I ended up calling a local glass shop and found out that it was going to be a dangerous job. No thank you. So we hired them to come out and remove it for $150. Fine-still within my budget. When they came to the house, they found out that Bryan's in the military and they did the job for FREE!!!! What wonderful people! The job is nearly complete. We just need to remove the tape and put up some accessories.

Ok, off the start my diaper bag!!!

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